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Totem poles

Wish List. This is a fantastic multiple day writing unit. Students decorate and assemble their own totem pole. They have an option to include themselves in the pole. Students then use the totem pole as a scaffold for writing.

Students can complete two graphic organizers to plan for their writing. An exemplar. English Language Arts , Writing , Thanksgiving. All About Me! It promotes student engagement, choice and pride! Your students will create a totem pole using symbols that best represent them. After the hands-on a.

Native Americans , Writing , Back to School. Totem Pole Writing. This is a totem pole writing activity I used for my 6th graders during our Canada unit. We read about totem poles and then brainstormed which animals would be on their totem if they had one. I had them choose five. I had most of the students just free-write about their animals but made the other she. Worksheets , Activities. Power Point that goes along with this lesson is available for 50 cents. Activities , Fun Stuff , Cultural Activities.

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This is a terrific set of printables and activities to support your Native American Heritage Month activities. Create an amazing Native American diorama with printable versions of a teepee, canoe and fire or use the blan. Native Americans , U.

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History , Visual Arts. Not Grade Specific. Activities , Printables , Bulletin Board Ideas. Thunderbird Printable. This is a terrific project to decorate your school during Native American Heritage Month. The Pack contains 8 different Totem coloring sheets and a Thunderbird to go on top! Without repeating totems the pole is over 7 feet tall but you can mix and match to create as tall a totem pole as you would l.

Great Back to School Project! This project is made to go along with a Native American unit. Students design and make a paper totem pole that represents their family.

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The only materials needed are a paper towel tube, construction paper, glue and markers. Complete and detailed student instructions a. Projects , Activities. Totem Pole Project. Students will design a totem pole and then write an essay about it. Directions are given for each section of the totem pole.

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Totem Pole Worksheet. Use this worksheet to help students brainstorm ideas for creating a totem pole as an activity during a Native American unit study. Introduce totem poles, their history, and different animals with their meanings for totem poles before doing this activity.

A writing piece accompanies the drawing part. Ancient History , Native Americans , U. Projects , Activities , Cultural Activities. Aboriginal Totem Pole Unit. I created this graphic organizer for a 2nd Grade Teacher who teaches at my school.

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She was in need of a simple graphic organizer that could help her students understand the idea of the "Main Idea" actually being supported by the "Supporting Details". English Language Arts , Writing. Family Totem Pole Project. This is a fun project that has the student create a small totem pole and write a paragraph explaining their totem pole. The directions mention a list of symbols and their meanings. This list is not included but can be easily found on Google by searching for totem pole animal meanings. The Native Americans believed that they were descended from different animal species.

The students will conceptualize and design their own f. Kindergarten , 1 st. As such, the totem pole can be seen as a symbol of ongoing survival and resistance to cultural and territorial encroachment. Many Northwest Coast communities have struggled to repatriate totem poles taken from them by colonial forces for sale or display elsewhere. In , the Haisla successfully repatriated from a Swedish museum a pole taken in see Repatriation of Artifacts. Different First Nations have their own methods of designing and carving totem poles.

The Coast Salish tend to carve representations of people on their house posts, whereas the Tsimshian and Nuxalk tend to carve supernatural beings on their poles. In general, however, poles are skilfully carved of red cedar and are usually painted black, red, blue, blue-green and sometimes white and yellow.

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While paint was not used much in the past as part of the design, it is commonly used today. Poles vary in size, but house front poles can be over one metre in width at the base, reaching heights of over 20 m and generally facing the shores of rivers or the ocean. Animal images on totem poles depict creatures from family crests. These crests are considered the property of specific family lineages and reflect the history of that lineage. Animals commonly represented on the crests include the beaver , bear , wolf , shark , killer whale , raven , eagle , frog and mosquito. Some poles also feature supernatural beings or humans, each with their own particular importance and significance to the nation or individual who commissioned it and to the person who carved it.

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The cultural appropriation of totem poles by Europeans over the years has created and popularized the false idea that poles display social hierarchy, with the chief at the top and the commoners at the bottom. In fact, depictions of people are not usually found at the top of a totem pole and in some cases, the most important figure or crest is at the bottom. There are various types of poles, each with their own purpose and function. Some, for example, are specific to death and burial practices. Memorial poles are erected in memory of a deceased chief or high-ranking member. Mortuary poles also honour the deceased.

Haida mortuary poles include a box at the top where the ashes of the chief or high-ranking member are placed. Some poles are used to depict families and lineages. House posts, placed along the rear or front walls of a house, are poles that, on the one hand, help to support the roof beams and, on the other hand, tell about family lineages. Similarly, house front or portal poles are monuments at the entrance of a home that describe family history.

Welcoming poles do what their name suggests — welcome visitors. First Nations sometimes erect poles as a means of greeting important arriving guests during a feast or potlatch. The Hupacasath First Nation has well-known welcome figures on its territory. With arms outstretched, the figures carved into the poles welcome and guide the guests during their travels. An appointed speaker announces the names of visitors from behind the post. In a sense, this allows the ancestors, speaking through the appointed speaker, to also welcome the guests.

Legacy poles commemorate important and historic events. In , the Haida erected a legacy pole as a way of commemorating the signing of the Gwaii Haanas Agreement , a groundbreaking document between the Haida and the Government of Canada that sets out the government-to-government and management relationship for Gwaii Haanas.

Carver Jaalen Edenshaw supervised and worked on the legacy pole, which became the first monumental pole raised in the protected Gwaii Haanas territory in over years. Poles can also be used as a means of healing and education. A residential school survivor, Joseph wanted to express his emotions about those painful years, while also working towards reconciliation.

Similarly, artist and residential school survivor Isadore Charters has shared his personal story with young people through a totem pole project. Charters carved a healing pole that tells about his eight-year experience at a Kamloops residential school.

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