Data protection act essay

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Do not forget to document it. You must implement efficient anonymisation or pseudonymisation systems to protect the identity of your clients.

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You might also consider working towards gaining official certification, such as ISO to prove your commitment to cyber security. You are responsible for compliance with the principles of the GDPR. The new legislation requires a thorough documentation of all policies that govern the collection and procession of data. Under the new law, you must be able to demonstrate the documents that prove the compliance with the GDPR when requested by the authorities.

These are the 7 principles of the Data Protection Regulation and now you should have a pretty good idea and understanding of each of them.

Principles of Data Protection Act

However, the GDPR is much more than these principles so do not stop here and make sure to explore more about the upcoming law. We wish you best of luck! Success stories. EN ES.

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Written by: Galina Kulakova. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency Obtain the data on a lawful basis, leave the individual fully informed and keep your word. Purpose limitation Be specific As we said before in the concept of fairness, you need to stay true to your promise. Data minimization Collect the minimum data you need The GDPR is designed to bring data collection to the necessary minimum.

Accountability Record and prove compliance. Ensure policies.

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    Overview of the Data Protection Act

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    What is the Data Protection Act (DPA)?

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