Burger king case study answers

Burger King’s Products (Product Mix)

It also highlights the issues faced by the company.

The Not Big Mac's (Burger King Case)

A personal conclusion that evaluates the case — study and various comparisons throughout the report. The company has presence in more than 70 countries and runs more than restaurants. Thus, we can see that the brand rules one whopper of whole fast food chain empire. The company is presently run by Mr.


John Chidsey who acts as a CEO and chairman of the parent company. Burger king is a predecessor to a company called Insta-Burger King. Cramer and Matthew Burns. The company Insta-Burger King was launched on the basis on an equipment known as the Insta — Broiler. The device proved as a very successful oven for cooking burgers. The Burger King Company saw changes in management from the first year over more than 50 years since its establishment. The names CEO and significant decisions of them over the years are as follows:. Considering the growth of company over more than 50 years, its significant strategic decisions and success or failure of the same is listed below:.

Company had moved from 45 restaurants within US in to restaurants across the world, by the end of Inconsistency in food and service among the franchises Inconsistency in operations and downfall in sales Inconsistency in operations and downfall in sales Year. The strategy formulates overcoming the barriers to goal achievement by changing the systemic relationships creating them. This strategy often requires significant capital investment and includes the following options —. This was achieved through maximum approach towards franchising and expansion with limited investment, thus creating a forward integration.

EXAMPLE — The span of years from and since , Burger King company adapted new structure with new corporate aptitude in order to control the franchises and improve products. The results produced were significant in boosting sales and creating a loyalty and brand image in the new market segment.

Case Study: Burger King marketing transformation

The strategy is about accepting the industry competitive forces as a given and positioning your organization to best defend against them. This could include harvesting and selling the business before competitive conditions cause its value to drop. The main reasons accounted were increase in credit burden on the franchises and unhealthy as well as inconsistent relation with franchises.

The strategy involves minimizing or neutralizing barriers by reducing the size of the playing field and taking an offensive or defensive position in a smaller, more attractive market segment. EXAMPLE — The Company decided to trade-off as an individual business entity as it failed and showed a remarkable downfall re-building the brand image in to Core competencies are points of leverage for gaining competitive advantage. They are organizational competencies that are unique to your organization or are performed better than your competitors and make a significant contribution to customer perceived value or create a significant cost advantage.

Core competency is best explained as the competitiveness of a range of products or services. It can also be explained as the co-ordination of diverse production skills and integration of multiple streams of technologies. Considering Burger King, a global renowned brand and chain of fast food, the core competencies can be generalised as follows:. The relation of franchises and management has always been influential and significant in success and failures of Burger King History.

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Primarily, the company operated with major investment from franchises and minimal from the company, so the decisions and relationship with franchises was crucial. It was further mechanised into a gas grill without changing patties and self functional by means of a conveyor belt. Further, the device was also customised and technologically advanced to produce Chicken sandwich, Chicken Whopper, Veggie burger, etc.

This was because the company had major part of its sales revenue i. Later this competence was adapted by McDonald and other competitors as well. As there were many significant changes in the history of Burger King, eventually there were different competitive methods used in different span in history.

Some of the significant competitive methods are listed as follows:. This was tightened and a new company structure was formed, followed by a new competitive aptitude. Some of the prominent issues from past to present can be listed as follows:. Considering the present fast food environment in UK, following recommendations come in lime-light:. The company needs to produce fast food with less saturated fats and salt content. The problem of obesity in UK is high as well and addressing to this concern is the need of demand to survive over the competitors.

The presence of Burger King on high streets and at various national rail stations and airport is reasonable, however it needs to be accessible at hot tourist spots and business oriented commercial areas. SPEED — Burger King needs to increase its speed of delivering products and services to customers, as it has been competing with McDonalds over more than 50 years and still lacks speed during peak periods. Speed in operations helps to generate revenue in coping zone. However there is a difference in perspective leading to strategy arguments. The burger King History prominently highlights two of them, explained as follows:.

Moreover, government is promoting health awareness by implementing various programs, so that people prefer to eat the food products, which does not affect their health. Apart from this, increase in the prices of raw materials may impact the business operations of Burger King. Marketing objective of a company is the goals, which is established by the organization, when it promotes its products and services to the target market and potential customers. As mentioned above, Burger King is one of the biggest fast food service providers in the world.

By complying with its vision and mission statements, company is working on its marketing objectives. By attaining these objectives, it will be able to establish and sustain the brand reputation in the competitive fast food sector. Some of its marketing objectives are stated below;. After setting these objectives, the company is working to meet these objectives, so that it can establish a strong brand image in the fast food industry.

Target Market is a group of people, who most likely to purchase the products and services of the company. The company can use different kinds of target marketing strategies, so it can cover a large market under its target market.

They can emphasize on the target market with marketing mix, segmentation and establishing multiple marketing mix. Each and every organization chooses its target market by considering various characteristics of market segmentation. The process of market segmentation refers to dividing the total market on the basis of different characteristics, such as; behavioral, demographics, psychographic etc. In addition to this, it is focusing on the geographic characteristics also and searching for a strategic location to introduce its new franchise. Under its target market strategy, Burger King is targeting the people, who are willing to eat the delicious, hygienic and non-conventional food at the restaurant.

Targeting this market will assist the company in reaching to most of the population in the world.

7 Reasons Why McDonald's Crushes Burger King Year After Year

Market Mix is the tool, which includes different strategies, which are implemented by an organization from the production stage to promotion stage of a particular product or product range Dominici, It includes four strategies, product mix, price mix, place mix and promotion mix. The marketing mix for Burger King is given below;.

Burger King is operating its business as a quick fast food service provider and focusing on hamburgers as its primary product. The major product line of the company is;. Apart from its burger chain, this firm also offers other alternative products, like; chicken and fish. It also offers different salads, such as; Chicken Caesar and MorningStar veggie salad.

Burger King Digital Marketing Strategy : Tiny Typos Strategy

Moreover, Burger King provides the products as meal for children and value meals. Thus, the product range of the company is wider than any other player in the industry Ryan, Pricing strategy of the Burger King is created on the basis of generic strategy, i.

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It reduces the prices and costs of the products. The company needs to implement effective pricing strategies to regain the profits. The pricing strategy of Burger King is given below;. Under its pricing strategy, Burger King is executing the market-oriented pricing technique. This strategy of the company includes establishing the prices on the basis of current market trends and conditions, like; competition, changes in the environment and customer preferences.

Another pricing strategy of the company is bundle approach of pricing Scarborough, For instance, the people can purchase their value meal and meals for children, which are very much affordable for the purchasing the food products. Thus, it can be said that Burger King generally relies on the market trends to make decision on prices. The products and services of Burger King can be availed at its food outlets all over the world. It is the component of marketing mix that includes the place, which the entities utilize to make transactions with the customers in target market.

It is using effective distribution channels. The major ways, through which the company is positioning its products, are; like; mobile app of the company, restaurants, website of company Shimp, In addition, they can place their order on official website of the company. By taking the orders from this website, the firm can do the home deliveries. Under this part of marketing mix tool, Burger King majorly focuses on improving the physical existence of its fast food outlets. In addition to above marketing strategies, Burger King is employing some different strategies to enhance the promotion of its products and services among its customers.

This marketing mix strategy includes the tactics, which are utilized to communicate with the targeted customers about the offers of company Burger King Corporation, Burger King is implementing various communication strategies, like; advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion. Under the promotion process, the company is majorly relied on advertising the products among target market.

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It uses different media, like; online media, print media and broadcasting media, like; TV, Radio. Moreover, it can use the personal selling techniques for encouraging the people to purchase more products from its food menu Thorson, and Moore, In addition, it is promoting the products by implementing public relations, such as; its foundation provides the scholarships.

burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers
burger king case study answers Burger king case study answers

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