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However, the Patriot Act is potentially capable of doing much good than harm if timely and adequate amendments are made in the controversial, meaningless and potentially harmful provisions of the Patriot Act. Commenting on Section Enhanced penalties to the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Although not directly relevant to the war on terrorism, this section has been proved to be extremely useful in launching war against computer-related and e-crimes.

This is because, this reasoning clearly lacks proof and necessity and instead causes undue suspicion associated with the risk factors.

However, with slight reasonable modifications, this section can be made appealing to the masses and less threatening to the public and thus effectively waging a war against terrorism. Commenting on Section Extension of duration of FISA electronic surveillance and physical search orders This provision directly impacts the efforts against terrorism and has done so quite positively. Implemented and used only with the approval of an appointed federal judge, this provision has resulted in substantial time saving.

Commenting on Section Broadened authority to seek intelligence court orders for information This is by far the MOST controversial provisions put forth in the Patriot Act and thus has been the major bone of contention among the polarized public of America. According to the opponents of the Patriot Act , this provision in the Act openly and courageously violates civil liberties and hence threatens the security of the public at large.

As obvious as it is, this section does make the loophole in the Act apparent and demands for urgent modification and re-consideration. Those citizens or citizen right groups and activists must be satisfied with the help of correct and prompt information that they desire. So far, observation and readings show little evidence in support of this provision that has sparked an incessant debate among all levels of society.

Conclusion It can be concluded that legal binding in the form of various SAFETY Acts in general and the Patriot Act in particular has forced the nation as a whole to focus on the missing part. Other Free Papers from this subject:. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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The Patriot Act: Courageous or Cowardly?

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The Patriot Act vs Civil Liberties

Title VI provides compensation for the families of first responders killed during the September 11, , terrorist attacks. Title VII. Title VII is designed to expand the capabilities of the information-sharing network. Title VIII. Title VIII provides for the strengthening of criminal laws by including new definitions of terrorism and the criminalization of those who support terrorist activities.

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Title IX. Title IX provides for the improvement of intelligence gathering and dissemination at all levels of government. Title X.

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Title X contains miscellaneous provisions. Supporters of the act have highlighted the importance of giving law enforcement and intelligence agencies all the tools necessary to prevent another terrorist attack in the United States. Title II, Section of the act provides for the improvement of communication between law enforcement and intelligence agencies in matters of terrorism intelligence.

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  4. Title II, Section of the act permits roving wiretaps to investigate suspects of terrorist activities. Previously, under FISA the government needed to secure warrants for each of the devices it wanted to tap.

    Patriot Act

    The U. Justice Department has claimed that roving wiretap surveillance is necessary to deal with technologically sophisticated terrorist groups. Critics, however, have argued that this kind of surveillance could result in violations of the privacy of citizens who casually or accidentally come into contact with suspects.

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