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A method for fixturing, scanning, and reorienting an additively manufactured part in preparation for subsequent machining , Kiersten Erin Eberhart. Are We Done Yet? Recycling wind turbine blade composite material as aggregate in concrete , Tyler Robert Fox. Optimal population value selection: A population-based selection strategy for genomic selection , Matthew Daniel Goiffon.

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Multi-stage stochastic and robust optimization for closed-loop supply chain design , Seyyedali Haddadsisakht. A rapid tooling method using ultrasonic welding and machining , Nicholas James Hennessy. An evaluation of modern day kitchen knives: an ergonomic and biomechanical approach , Olivia Morgan Janusz. Designing intelligent language tutoring system for learning Chinese characters , Jingyu Liu.

An effective method to reduce smearing in machining of metallic foams using ice as an infiltrant , Vishal Vijaykumar Mane.

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Hybrid simulation modeling for regional food systems , Anuj Mittal. Three essays on multi-level optimization models and applications , Mohammad Rahdar. Investigation of the simple mattress suturing technique , Krishna Leela Rajana. Website gender perceptions: effects and recommendations for gender inclusivity , Jacklin Hope Stonewall. Effects of outsole shoe patterns on athletic performance , Daniel Jay Van Groningen. Quantitative surface inspection methods for metal castings , Michelle M.

Reducing uncertainty in wind turbine blade health inspection with image processing techniques , Huiyi Zhang. A game-based learning approach to increase female participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields , Desmond Carletus Bonner.

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Analysis of supplier selection policies for regional food systems using multi-agent simulation , Hardik Dhansukhlal Bora. The development and implementation of a reverse engineering method for near net shape parts , Niechen Chen. An implantable sustained-release chemotherapy delivery system for the treatment of breast cancer , Yunqing Chen.

Application of analytic tools for materials selection , Pallavi Dubey. Rate control of a queue with quality-of-service constraint under bounded and unbounded action spaces , Abdolghani Ebrahimi. A multi-criteria decision framework for unstructured complex problem: a strategy for biofuel production , Mostafa Fady Fawzy. Hybrid classification approach for imbalanced datasets , Tianxiang Gao. A psychophysical study on the effect protective equipment has on contact sport athletes , Morgan Leigh Hampel.

Computing axes of rotation for 4-axis CNC milling machine by calculating global visibility map from slice geometry , Guangyu Hou. Short-term scheduling of a combined natural gas and electric power system with wind energy , Dan Hu. The efficient classroom: how team-based learning and lecture video acceleration affect the learning efficiency and effectiveness of a first-year engineering course , Benjamin Paul Jacobson. Forecasting obsolescence risk and product lifecycle with machine learning , Connor Patrick Jennings.

Hybrid robust and stochastic optimization for closed-loop supply chain network design using accelerated Benders decomposition , Esmaeil Keyvanshokooh. Learning dispatching rules via an association rule mining approach , Dongwook Kim. Evaluation of dual purpose softball gloves , Heidi Laabs. Effect of cryomilling on zinc sulfide effectiveness as antibacterial substance for burn wound healing , Jianqiang Li. Improvement of surgery duration estimation using statistical methods and analysis of scheduling policies using discrete event simulation , Alexandra Blake Olsen.

Selection of obsolescence resolution strategy based on a multi criteria decision model , Pratik Pingle. Industrial looks at ways of manufacturing defects of fiber reinforced polymer composites. Identifying relationships between systems engineering processes and project success in NASA complex projects and other organizations , Kathryne Angela Schomburg. Establishing the needs of Type 1 diabetes users for mobile application design , Amanda J. Bulk manufacture of complex geometry millirod implants and their degradation and drug delivery characteristics , Melissa Anne Slagle.

An optimization model for land allocation between bioenergy crops and grain crops and an optimization model for identifying the most vulnerable links in a transportation network , Liu Su. Advanced Search. This repository is part of the Iowa Research Commons. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content.

Search Enter search terms:. Now Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley start up far from Detroit, is aiming to be the first automotive company to mass produce pure electric vehicles. The intent of this research is to see how electric vehicles have made their way back into the auto industry and to measure if there are enough consumers for a truly viable electric vehicle marketplace in the United States. Tesla has introduced some expensive yet well-performing models and has future plans for less-expensive mass-produced models. There is also competition from other automakers such as Nissan and Chevrolet.

Further adding to the EV appeal, the United States Government has offered some incentives to both electric vehicle companies as well as consumers. Recommendations for Tesla Motors are discussed with opportunities for further research into specific customer specifications for electric vehicles, the price point at which they would purchase an EV, and whether they would purchase an EV without the perks or incentives currently offered.

The Effect of Personality Composition on Team Performance In the engineering world today, we have moved from individual work at a computer or desk to group work requiring team collaboration. As the problems we need to solve get more complex, it becomes more of a necessity to develop effective groups.

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This paper examines the effects of the personalities of team members can have on the effectiveness of the group. Research shows that a group is more effective if the members of the group have personalities that are more homogenous. In addition, the paper investigates the possibility of developing these more effective teams using personality testing. Anodizing Line at Pulse Technologies, Inc. Titanium Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of titanium components, with minimal dimensional change.

Titanium anodizing is classified in four types; the focus of this project is Titanium Anodizing Type III , which offers a perceived spectrum of surface colors on titanium components without offering anti-galling or wear resistivity.

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In the medical industry this process is widely used in orthopedic components such as bone screws and plates, to ease the identification of the component to be implanted, by using specific colors according to the size, without having to use measuring devices during surgery. Two large market segments that require sustainment services for their aircraft are Readiness Buyers and Basic Needs Buyers. These projects include the following: brand LM as a committed provider of sustainment, create the internal IT architecture, align the solution invention process, improve field operations reporting, align supply chain management organizations, institutionalize lifecycle product management, improve cost competitiveness.

Optimizing Human Input to a Manufacturing System by Utilizing the Measurement and Prediction of Human Performance thesis Although human input has been recognized to have a significant impact on the system, optimization of human input has not had much academic attention or significant attention in industry.

This study examines the case for including operator assessment during the hiring process using pre-employment assessment testing. It presents the methodology behind the science of human performance predictors and connects this science of psychometric testing with current pragmatic assessment testing service offerings that are steadily growing internationally. The current state of the assessment testing industry and market are presented along with trends seen in industry.

It comprised positional data in terms of a standardized X, Y, Z coordinate frame-of-reference, and also a standardized time-frame for the crane kinematic behavior. The time-frame is expected to be consistent with computations for construction operations simulation models. One test application of the model and a CSX file utilized a CAD system to produce crane motions and a CSX file; another used crane lifting parameters as input to a computer program which automatically generates potential lifting motions and a CSX file.

The CSX file was used to demonstrate an animation of the crane operation and indicated that the 4-D model data and methods are valid for various crane operations on construction jobsites and can now be included in simulation and operational improvement programs. Hot Tamales manufacturing and scheduling processes were examined at Just Born, Inc. Data from the production process was mapped graphically along with problems and issues associated with current processes.

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Utilizing a series of lean elements, opportunities were identified to solve the current problems and improve the Hot Tamales processes. Actionable items were recommended and deadlines established. Metrics were developed to ensure the project stays on schedule and improvement align with corporate objectives.

thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
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thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering
thesis systems engineering Thesis systems engineering

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