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Today, many middle class families exceed their budget in making wasteful expenditure on food. The waste of food in weddings, festivals or functions has become commonplace. In the past, food was served with great affection by family or friends in different ceremonies. Guests used to sit and eat with their family, and were hesitant to leave any unfinished food.

Nowadays, there are umpteen numbers of dishes, chaat-pakodi and different types of ice cream placed on the stalls; people come and make a queue as per their liking. Offering too much variety of items aggravates food waste. There are generally, two types of waste, one by the people leaving unconsumed food in the plate, and turning up of less than expected guests. Although, some of the foods that stay fresh can be distributed or sold in the market; but nothing can be done about the leftover stale food.

Due to the tendency to indulge in display, the trend of expensive marriage has become a rage. Now, with waiters in attendance, the atmosphere has started to be somewhat like a restaurant or a carnival but it lacks intimacy and warmth, with guests least bothered about finishing their food.

Food Waste

The odour and rot, that arises from the food thrown around the houses cause trouble to those who live there. Many times animal deaths are reported due to the rotting food. According to traders associated with tents and catering businesses, there are about marriages in cities in auspicious days throughout the year.

About 20 to 25 per cent of food is wasted in weddings. The ordering party has to decide what to do with food. In such cases, vegetables are thrown away, while the soon-to-decay food is distributed elsewhere. At first instance, throwing of food may appear trivial, something associated with a big event, but it is a serious worldwide problem. In this context, a report by the World Food and Agriculture Organization takes a comprehensive look at the wastage of food grain.

Why We Need To Stop Food Waste? | Respect Food

Studying global food waste from an environmental perspective, this report says that the wastage of food leads to a very negative impact on water, land and climate as well as biodiversity. More than three billion tonnes of dangerous greenhouse gases emit due to this food that goes wasted. Sounding a warning bell, the report says that due to our negligence and inappropriate activities, one-third of the grains produced, i.

Following are some ways through which we can contribute stopping food waste that has become a formidable challenge:.

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Food grains to the tune of On an average, every Indian wastes six to eleven kg of food in a year. The amount of food we waste in a year is equivalent to the cost of several hundred cold storages which can save fruit and vegetables from the decay. Five thousand warehouses can be made in rural areas if we can save paddy and wheat procured by the government that is destroyed lying uncared for in the open.

At the Panchayat level, if there is adherence to the contingency storage and distribution of one quintal grain to the needy then at least no one will die of hunger. Due to increase in the prices of raw material, the cost of food has increased. According to middle class yardsticks, the estimated cost per person or per plate has now increased to Rs to Due to food waste, loss of Rs 1. It implies that to people can be fed good food, if we can stop this waste. The Indian government is very much concerned about the waste of food in weddings.

In , the Food Ministry said that it was considering limiting the number of dishes served in the weddings as well as the number of guests. However, there is need to enforce this law strictly. Do not buy anything more than you need. Make a list of your menu, otherwise the possibility of food getting wasted increases. Before making the food i. At a large scale, this illustrates our societal problem with food. The food system overproduces, wraps food in packaging, embeds energy, chucks away mountains of usable food, and produces food residues.

The food industry is aware of its waste problem. The voluntary Courtauld Commitment , struck in , has cut millions of tonnes of household and supply chain food and packaging waste — savings worth billions of pounds. Its third phase aims further to chip away at the estimated seven million tonnes of food thrown away each year.

But still the waste keeps piling up — why? Because waste is not the problem; it is the symptom. Their argument is that waste is inefficient. It is. But politicians and scientific advisers said the same thing in the s and s. Then, waste was associated poor storage on farms that left crops to rot. If only we cut that waste, scientists at the time argued, we could feed the world. They argued persuasively that better storage, refrigeration and transport could help, alongside massive investment in newer farming techniques and technologies, particularly fertilisers and mechanisation.

The food revolution they designed worked. After the Second World War food supply increased.

Food waste

Farm waste dropped. No wonder policymakers are both latching onto the issue today it suits the moral agenda and find it difficult to sort out.

Consumers are being subtly blamed. The customer who was sovereign is now wasteful. Privately, many in the food industry know consumer behaviour patterns must change as climate change and other long-term drivers kick in. But no one is saying that overtly yet, except some academic critics and civil society campaigners. In truth, society is not clear about what it wants from its food. In the developing world, consumers waste very little.

When your entire society is poor, you conserve and manage resources. Click the link in the email to approve and get free articles. This is a repetition, but my favorite. Here goes the story: There was a a boy who was 4 year old. He was very active.

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He had a brother who was 6 year old. The younger one named Garv was very thin and tiny. The older one, Shourya was chubby and tall.

So when her sons were eating food, she called them to show these pictures. Mother pointed at this picture and asked her sons as to what did they learn from this picture. End of the story. Teaching Verbs to standard 1. Are you sucking your own blood or allowing someone else?

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essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food
essay on don waste food Essay on don waste food

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