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Many children reach some or most of the milestones at different times. Overall development takes the child as a whole - physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually.

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Understanding the development of children requires research on growth and developmental models to explain guidelines for "normal" development. Development standards are sometimes referred to as milestones - they define a recognized development model that children should obey. There are several types of theoretical child development. Stage theory such as Piaget's stage theory focuses on whether children progress at various stages of qualitative development.

Information theory like David Klahr's theory examines the psychological processes that generate thinking at all times and the transient processes that bring about the growth of thinking.

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There are several theories about the development of children focusing on different stages of development from early childhood to adolescence. These theories range from children's physical development to children's language development, cognitive development, social emotional development and moral development.

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They all use different physical and cognitive phases of childhood Bee and Boyd, Freud proposed one of the most famous children's development theories. According to Freud's theory of sex psychology children's development takes place in a series of stages, focusing on the various pleasure areas of the body. At each stage, children encounter a conflict that plays an important role in the development process. The child at this time can also be able to comfortably understand and grasp the idea of different and same, the child can also remember parts of a story, better understand the time, understand the concept of counting and be able to count to around 20, complete puzzles that are appropriate and finally the child can be able to easily recognize as well as identify common objects as well as pictures.

A two to four year old at this juncture starts becoming more social.

The child at this time might be able to co-operate with his or her friends, and even by the age of four starts to show problem solving skills Remer, The child often starts to imitate friends and parents, he or she can also be able to show affection for family and friends and understand the concept of mine and theirs. It is imperative to understand that all children grow and develop at their own pace. Therefore, a parent should not be worried if a child has not been able to reach all the developmental milestones at time. However, a parent should be able to notice a gradual progression in terms of growth as well as development in the child.

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If this does not occur, then this might be a sign of a developmental delay and there is a need to talk to the child's doctor Remer, It has however been determined that in many cases, there is no problem and it is just a small delay in the development of a child which has no repercussions. The child might at times suffer from a psychosocial crisis in his or her age group and the best way to resolve the crisis is to show the child that he or she is normal.

The child should often be encouraged to perform activities that he or she can be able to do and should never be forced to do something that he or she cannot do.

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The child between years of age can be said to be in the anal stage and at this stage the child often learns to respond to some of the demands of the society and this includes bowel as well as bladder control. In this stage in order for the child to overcome this psychosocial crisis there is a need for the child to be given independence to do whatever he or she likes it has to been within a reasonable limit Remer, At this point, the child should be given the ability to experiment in for him or her to be able to develop autonomy and avoid feeling shame and doubt about his actions.

This will eventually help the child to become independent and increase his self-esteem. Therefore, the child should left to be adventurous and should be encouraged by the caregivers to do go for what he or she wants instead of being restricted. Remer, A. The wonder years: Helping your baby and young child successfully negotiate the major developmental milestones.

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

New York: Bantam Books. Cooper, C. Baby milestones: Stimulate development from years. London: Hamlyn. Kail, R. Human development: A life-span view. We are based in Jackson area of California.

Essay On Child Development Milestones

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