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The way in which I will measure the anthocyanin is to check the light absorbency of the solution using a colorimeter. The higher the reading on colorimeter the more anthocyanin present in the solution To find out the permeability of the beetroot membrane I will firstly cut out cylinders of beetroot using a cork borer, I will.

Paper Towel Absorbency Experiment Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Different paper towels have different constructions and therefore are likely to have different absorbency capabilities, yet it is unknown which brands or types of paper towels absorb better, or faster, despite advertising claims made. Relevance: As paper towels are a commonly purchased product in many households, determining what the best value is in terms of hoe these paper towels perform their intended task, which involves absorbency, is of direct practical relevance.

Literature Review: Research into this topic shows that it is not as simplistic as might be imagined, but has in fact been examined as part of rigorous research projects undertaken on behalf of paper towel manufacturers Beuther et al, The ways in which paper towels absorb, and therefore the rates at which they are able to absorb, vary depending on the microscopic fiber structures within individual paper towels, which of course vary greatly depending on the manufacturing materials and processes in the making of each brand of paper towels Beuther et al, Fiber types and construction patterns have also been demonstrated to have a large impact on absorbency in natural and synthetic textiles examined in a similar experiment Beskisiz et al, Both of these pieces of research suggest certain controls for the paper towel experiment described herein Beuther et al, ; Bekisiz et al, Experimental Design: Three.

Show More. Read More. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each brand of paper towels. Create a graph to illustrate the results. Time Needed: 30 minutes Materials Needed:. Under your supervision, have your child complete the following steps: 1. Place one paper towel over one pool of water. Wait ten seconds.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each paper towel brand. Create a graph to illustrate the results of which paper towel absorbs the most water. Seed Germination with Paper Towels Supposing your child has a few days to complete the project, a seed germination experiment is relatively hassle-free, and usually goes over well with teachers and students alike. Time Needed: 10 days Materials Needed:. Place the soil into the plastic cups.

Under your supervision, have your child complete the following steps: Steps: 1.

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Fill two of the cups with 1 cup of water each. Add yellow food coloring to one and the blue to the other. Stir remember to clean the spoon so you won't mix the colors. Arrange the cups so that the empty cup is in the middle.

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Tear off paper towels and roll them into tight tubes. Observe the colored water as it travels up the paper towel. Document your findings. Related Products. For whatever happens, make sure you have Bounty. Sign up for our newsletter for offers and the latest on our products. Crowther Introduction : There are many ways to explore the natural world ranging from general observations to investigations to tightly controlled experiments.

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The purpose of the elementary science experience is to help children to better understand the world around them by utilizing science process skills in investigations and to begin to learn the body of knowledge that science has accumulated. Children need experience in learning the basic steps of investigation in order to begin to understand how science works. Many of us grew up knowing this investigative and experimental procedure as "The Scientific Method.

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The purpose of this lesson is to show one way to use an organized approach to investigation in order to compare and contrast different paper towel brands for their absorption capabilities. Additionally, this concept under investigation can be applied to the scientific body of knowledge demonstrating how plants take water in through their roots through the stems and on out to the leaves in a process called cohesion-tension. This is also the same process used in many different practical applications found in the household including evaporative coolers, humidifier filters, spills on carpet, and water soaked drywall to just name a few.

Finally, this lesson will use investigation procedures rather than formal experimentation procedures due to the nature of the investigation.

Paper Towel Absorbency Experiment

One of the EJSE reviewers precisely stated the difference between experimentation and less formal investigations. Formal experiments are highly controlled investigations where the results of the specific relationship between the manipulated independent and responding dependent variables studied are able to be used to predict how one would see the same phenomena in new situation For example the strength of a type of concrete based on varying the amount of mortar used in the mix. The paper towel situation is descriptive research because it describes what one would expect or predict to happen for only the specific brand of paper towels which were studied.

It is a descriptive type of investigation as compared to a true experiment since it is impossible to control all the conditions in the comparison being investigated. With this type of scientific investigation the prediction is what is critical. As the word hypothesis is used it means making a prediction. To learn about "Brawny" doesn't tell one a reliable and valid thing about how "Bounty" would work but clearly does provide a base to predict how rapidly any sample of Brawny would work.

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EJSE reviewer. Please note : Paper towel testing is a very popular lab. It is in many activity books and therefore is not, by any means, a creation of this author. The purpose of this activity model was to write the paper towel lab which had the National Science Education Standards referenced, both process and a content, and was written in the 5 E learning cycle format.

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  4. Additionally, it has provided a nice forum on the distinctions between scientific experiments and investigations. Crowther Grade Level : 5 - 8 Objective: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to determine which paper towel absorbs liquid the fastest through utilizing scientific investigation and science process skills. Students will understand the concept of "wicking" cohesion-tension as applied to absorption in a paper towel and the process through the xylem in a plant. Students will develop conclusions based upon Investigation.

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    Students will know and utilize the major steps in scientific investigations. Process : 1.

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    Students will use various science process skills including: classifying, communicating, connecting, hypothesizing, inferring, interpreting data, measuring, modeling, observing, patterning, problem solving, predicting, questioning, reasoning, researching, etc. A set of plastic graduated cylinders 10 ml to ml. A set of syringes: 1 each of 60 ml plastic syringe. Specifically, the "wicking" process is defined in plant physiology as Cohesion-tension. Water must travel more than m to reach the top of the tallest trees. Many experiments have shown that water from roots rises through root xylem to stem xylem to the xylem in the veins of leaves.

    This movement is against the force of gravity.

    paper towel most absorbent research Paper towel most absorbent research
    paper towel most absorbent research Paper towel most absorbent research
    paper towel most absorbent research Paper towel most absorbent research
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    paper towel most absorbent research Paper towel most absorbent research
    paper towel most absorbent research Paper towel most absorbent research

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